Berto’s Web gives clients superior functionality and easy access to information while ensuring high design standards and creativity. Pixel-perfect layouts and user-friendly content management help clients achieve an exceptional web presence.

Village Homes

Village HomesThis award-winning home builder has total editable control over administrative and site content of home listings, slideshows, photos and interactive floor plans. Unique and continually customizable graphics up front and an intuitive WYSIWYG interface in back provide opportunity for ongoing creative modifications. Top-level design standards include customized Google API maps with interactive directions to local sales offices.

Classic Posters

Our online catalog for the world’s leading collector and dealer of psychedelic ’60s-era rock posters attractively portrays thousands of historical artworks, incorporates SEO keyword-laden content, and features a dynamic menu of diverse product categories and numbering systems. Fully client editable – and searchable by venue, artist, performer and concert date – the inventory database is automatically updated at each sale or auction’s end. A highly specific PHP-based auction platform captures the highest possible bid by notifying bidders each time they are outbid and by extending auction end times when last minute bids are placed. And yes, the SEO achieves page 1 Google results. www.classicposters.com

Watts Up?

One of the electrical energy industry’s most sophisticated power analyzers and data loggers hired Berto’s Web to build its Web Enabled Electricity Management System – an advanced database that helps individual meter owners determine their electrical consumption and manage output via the web.  It retrieves information from thousands of plug-and-play meters in the field and records data as often as once per second. Database tables automatically create, store and manage meter postings and are cycled every 500,000 entries. Consumer access is simple with an intuitive user-end to view real-time meter data in a choice of graph, table, or downloadable CSV file.

Additionally, a prepackaged storefront module operates in concert with custom coded CMS to include reseller/wholesale purchases along with those directly to the consumer. And it was modified to enhance order processing via emails to fulfillment reps and uploading FTP files to their server. data.wattsupmeters.com

Fresh Ideas Group

This thriving Boulder-based marketing agency for the natural foods industry was looking for a pixel-perfect rendition of a unique design. They wanted a JavaScript-driven slideshow, Facebook, Twitter and Blog feeds, and complete content control through a simple, intuitive WYSIWYS CMS that needed no explanation to operate or maintain. Real-time editing of the actual page duplicates in the password-protected back end and allows users to see what they are creating as they go.  www.freshideasgroup.com

Magnolia Trading Company

This international reseller representing food products such as Silk, Horizon Organic, Land O Lakes and Goodbelly now utilizes a multilingual website that converts in real time between English, Spanish and Russian. A universal menu available on every page allows users to instantaneously translate product descriptions into their preferred language – all seamlessly coordinated with complete client CMS control in the back end that includes text, pictures, slideshow images and document uploads. www.magnoliatrading.com

The Organic Cowboy

Biological pest control sales received a boost from a simple online form that helps horse owners choose program details based on their geographic area and number of horses. The straightforward and attractive pixel-perfect design nearly doubled sales within the first year as ranchers – not typically interested in complex online interfaces – preferred the seamless integration of payment processing with their order. The custom CMS administrative section provides high security for online payments as well as order tracking and customer relations management. www.organiccowboy.com

Just For Fun

Dumb Fortune Cookies is a database-driven Flash site of dumb cookie fortunes that are more circular than they are predictive. And some of them are genuinely funny. When visitors crack open the cookie graphic, it offers a randomly-generated text message, retrieved from the database, that is inserted into the Flash movie. Now we invite you to access your inner Confucius and add a dumb fortune cookie saying to our growing database. www.dumbfortunecookies.com

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