Debra and Louis

A couple of years ago, I had a helpful idea about how two of the nicest people I’d recently met somehow reminded me of one another. Both were beautiful – inside and out. Both were kind. And each was wholesome, hard working and smart: doing their utmost to support and further their own lives, while also improving the lives of others.

Oh, and did I mention smart?

But perhaps the quality that Debra and Louis most shared was this feeling, when you were around each of them, of a full breath – the roominess and space of a full inhalation (and a full exhalation). It was an air of infused energy, enlivening and invigorating, but at the same time relaxed – fully capable of letting go and creating space for something more.

It’s no accident that I had the thought of introducing the two of them during a class on A Course In Miracles. For their union here today proves that, at that very moment, there was a miracle in the making. What a joy to get to be the lightening rod, the one that got the honor and privilege of introducing these two special people to each other.

Because … I’m not a matchmaker. Debra and Louis are the only couple I’ve ever introduced to one another. So it was noteworthy that something in the class that day moved me to step outside my comfort zone to see if these two might want to meet. Clearly not me, but Something in the air between them knew … the Source of Love … the Heart of God … that Something wanted them to meet.

One of my favorite teachers of A Course in Miracles talks about Noah’s Ark as being a symbol: of the container that takes us to safety, but can be entered ONLY two-by-two. We go together, or not at all. Or, in other words: “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I am there among them.”

What an honor and a privilege to get to play a small role in the coming together of these two kind and loving forces as they grow steadily toward Oneness. Our only wish is that we could be there in person, with them, and with you all, to celebrate in this magnificent happening. But alas, we cannot. Perhaps it is God’s way of reminding us that it is always the hidden and the unseen that is at work in our lives, taking us ever deeper into the Heart of Love.