Content Management

When you want to make frequent changes to the information on your web site, the need for a Content Management System (CMS) arises. With a CMS, you can make changes to text, images and other content on your web site.

If you have ever worked with a content management system from an out-of-the-box application, you may already be familiar with the problems associated with these apps. They can be bloated, slow, difficult to style and cumbersome to use. You could find yourself paying a programmer thousands of dollars to update them with features not included in the package, or you may find they need overhauling with regular updates to correct their security problems.

But restrictions to design and layout give these systems their biggest drawbacks. Most sites created using these templated systems end up looking the same as all the others.

If you prefer a custom design that will set your site’s appearance apart from the others, then a custom CMS will serve you better. Berto’s Web creates custom CMS solutions to fit your exact needs. The owner interface is elegant and easy to use. Contact us for a demo of our Custom CMS.

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