Don’t Freak Out

November 15th, 2011 • 5 comments

After all this talk about who could be snooping in on you while you innocently surf the web, there’s really no reason to go running scared. Just use common sense. Not much of real relevance about your personal identity can actually be gleaned as you browse, but it’s important to remember that whatever you fill out on a form, or publish on your social-networking site, effectively could become public information.

So keep that social security number, driver’s licence number or bank account number safe.  (The same goes for those pictures of you partying madly.) But don’t be afraid to make purchases online, do your banking on the web, or make bids on auction sites. (I do it all the time.) Just be certain you know who you’re working with.

If you still need more detailed information about web security, try this link from Google: That ought to cover it for you.

5 Responses to Don’t Freak Out

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    I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!

    • Berto says:

      That’s ironic, given the subject of privacy we’re discussing. ;-)
      Read this article from the Huffington Post:
      Facebook ‘Like’ Button Declared Illegal In Germany

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